Interfima requests from its members to :
  • display integrity
  • display ethics and fair treatment
  • display professionalism
  • display excellence on service level
  • display willingness to stay up to date along with enhancing their knowledge, skills and competences
Program Prerequisites or Experience Required
  • Three years experience in the financial services industry, and/or
  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in Finance, Economics, Business or Law from an accredited University, College or School
Educational Requirements
  • Five modules
  • 40 hours in-class training (5 days – 8 hours per day)
  • Multiple choice and/or essay type questions
  • 70% or above passing grade
  • Closed book, proctored 
Members Professional Status
In the event you need to enquire about the professional status and eligibility of our members for reasons that have to do with professional practice of services within the financial industry, HR requirements, a personal or professional reference and recommendation feel free to contact us by emailing directly on membership@interfima.orgIn your enquiry please, state the Name, Certificate – Designation Title, Location and Reasoning of your enquiry for our professional member.
Member Discipline and Complaints 
Interfima follows a strict policy on professional ethics and practices. We suggest all members to contribute towards the success of this goal by reporting to discipline@interfima.org, for members that perform irregularities in professional practices and lack of compliance to the industries they operate. Upon attention of any such case any member will be officially notified to comply with the sets of rules generally accepted and will be given a 6 months probationary period. If for any reason another complaint is received within those six months his membership will be terminated at once and the professional credentials will be removed permenantly. Members are entitled to a hearing process (formal letter to the disciplinary committee) within 20 days of the first notice but do not have any rights appealing against the final decision of termination.
Members Publicly Disciplined under Interfima – no records currently
Continuing Education Requirements
  • For the renewal of the certification every attendee must address 15 hours of related training every 2 years and
  • Retake and Pass the Exam (70% or above passing grade)