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Mark R Outhwaite

ESG expert, AML/ prevention of financial crime, trainer

About the instructor

Mark has over 20 years banking experience the majority of which was front-office based. He has held a number of line and strategic positions in international banks in the City of London, where he developed an expertise in lending to and assessing the strength of international financial institutions. He then became a senior risk manager and FSA registered MLRO for the London operations of a European bank. Out and Out Answers Ltd is a specialised vehicle for delivering AML/ prevention of financial crime advice to those UK professionals (solicitors and accountants etc) and firms governed by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the 3rd EU AML directive (high value dealers, estate agents etc), In addition, he has been invited back onto the Accountancy TV Channel to discuss the impact of the 3rd EU Anti-Money Laundering directive on accountants practicing in the UK. Specialties: ~ FATF AML Specialist ~ Expert on implementing the 3rd EU AML Directive ~ POCA 2002 ~ Independent reviews AML systems ~ Risk based AML & Financial Crime ~ Risk based AML Training ~ AML coaching support for incumbent CEOs and MLROs ~ FSA Financial Crime Compliance ~ Data Protection Compliance ~ Risk based AML implementation and controls ~ Impact assessments of risk based AML on a firm’s existing systems ~ Captivating speaker

Areas of expertise


Risk based AML

Risk management



Financial crime

Currently teaching

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