The need was to provide strategic insight and understanding of the growing and evolving affects of technological means and digital innovation on banking operations and user (client) experience.


We created a series of roundtables, engaging some of the top thought leaders and fintech influencers around the globe and inviting banks and financial institution to be part of the open dialogue with the key message of how technology can assist in making processes and operations more efficient both in time and cost,  and at the same time take advantage of these new means to elevate customer experience throughout their journey.

The roundtables were successfully delivered in Europe and the Middle East, welcoming delegates of C-suite from banks, regulators, advisory firms, legal offices and in general most of the market stakeholders when it comes to banking and the financial services.


The initiative resulted to great comments in terms of content and qualitative insights, with the prospects of what is to come being well received by the banks and the other institutions who participated leaving the roundtables with an intention to adapt some of their views into their agendas.

The roundtables will continue to evolve and be presented across the regions we operate, either in the form of big conferences or as very selective, by invitation only, industry focused working groups.