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Customer Experience

We help our clients to achieve customer satisfaction.

We assist by establishing qualitative processes and procedures that enhance the user experience with financial institutions. Our goal is to provide innovative ad-hoc solutions to our clients that will enhance their operations, build their reputation and cultivate a culture of continued organizational excellence.

Our suggestions utilize previous experience and expertise on topics such as:

Customer Excellence

We help financial institutions to allocate resources with a scope of enhancing the end user’s experience and satisfaction with the bank. Cost-saving and synergy development amongst departments are additional outcomes of our approach.

Distribution Channels

We work on the various methods and options available to financial institutions. In-depth reviews of the issues of channel integration, maximization of channel mix, and channel efficiency are on our agenda.

Retail Banking

We help our clients realize the dynamics of an evolving industry.

Our primary goal is to assist institutions to understand and adapt the new conditions of the retail banking environment. With our contribution, banks design and apply banking strategies by nurturing their own unique value proposition 

We have worked on topics related to:

Branch Profitability

The goal is to understand how to build a continuous improving branch business with appropriate metrics that will efficiently measure performance and profitability. Such tasks rely on capacity planning, the proper mix of centralized and decentralized authority and services, and adaptation of technologies that will revitalize the branch’s role in a digital economy.

Product Development – lending and mortgages

Working closely with our clients allow us to help them identify opportunities, niche segments, design and position innovative products satisfying credit control requirements. The key outcome is to come with comprehensive overview of aspects around the development and offering of a consumer credit product.

Product Development – deposits

We help financial institutions to develop and maintain deposit products within a highly competitive industry. Deposit products may also be related to supplementary services mainly electronic that will enhance the customers experience and generate loyalty with your institution.


We help clients to explore the elements of International money transfers.

While international payments used to be the privilege of banks and financial institutions for both the retail and the corporate clients, new technologies and social media impact on the way money is processed and sent across countries and regions.

Having a good understanding on the latest trends and developments we offer a wide range of supportive activities for banking clients.

Mobile Payments

We help clients to elevate mobile banking apps with value added services and give answer to what type of mobile features suit your bank best? Also we can assist you with insights in technological trends and  last but not least you will be able to look, explore and understand mobile payments from a consumer/retailer/financial institutions perspective. 

Cash Management

New products, new technologies and new demands shape the space of corporate services. Online and mobile banking are now dominant, islamic finance and Chinese internationalism are also part of a new equation. We can help your institution adapt to the new conditions and develop competitive services in this new race of financial dominance. 

International Payments

We assist institutions in practicing payments in a global context, help them familiarize with the key concepts, IT infrastructures, practices, issues, and other developments that take place in the domain of international money transfers.


As a specialized framework of International payments within the euro area we will again offer your team helpful insights that will help them excel in the administration, management and support of day to day transactions in the Euro Payments Area.

Operations & Technology

We assist institutions with the challenges of a shifting market.

Operations and technology are two strongly related domains of banking activities. With our capabilities we provide answers and guidelines that will help financial institutions adapt to the new conditions and satisfy the growing market demands.

We help banks under a dual role and perspective, that of the operational standards and that of the technology impact. Together they form success factors on a bank’s well being:

Business Continuity

We assist our clients in generating a tactical framework of contingency planning, determining the treats and identifying the enablers. Business Continuity Management steadily becomes extremely important for the financial institutions and could be a leading advantage in a highly competitive market. 

Business Process Re-engineering

We offer solutions that highlight techniques of business process re-engineering. Our approach for financial institutions derives from analyzing processes, mapping current state, designing future states, benchmarking and applying leading practices. We also show in our approach the interactivity between business process re-engineering and internal controls, in order to avoid processes that are redesigned but fail audit tests.

Internal Controls

We come to financial services assistance with solutions for internal control and its application in main business cycles. Processes should be designed for internal controls and various levels of attribution and delegation of decision power should be set.


The harsh reality is that Cybercrime, fraud and data theft risks are real and the number of attacks are increasing whether in the form of compromised systems, account takeover, online and mobile banking intrusion, falsified wire transfers, or hacked ATMs. Our approach is to assist our clients into building defensive blocks that will secure their smooth operation and wont jeopardize the reputation of their institution.

Digital Banking

We help clients to adapt and meet the demands of a changing environment.

In the era of mobility, digitilization of banking could become the cornerstone of modern society. Banks are reinventing themselves to follow generation Z’s expectations.

We guide our clients through the digital transformation of banking activities and we bring the future at their doorstep. Our digital experts bring insights and solutions of what is about to happen in the fascinating world of financial services.

Digital Assets

What are digital (crypto) currencies and how they affect your operations as a financial institution. Do they alter the way your customers bank, and the requirements that you now have to follow and satisfy from a regulatory perspective. Where are we heading to, and how the financial world will look like in 5 or 10 years.


How is the Bitcoin supported, what is the infrastructure behind it? Would the blockchain technology become a must? If no, why SWIFT announced it will setup a blockchain enabled platform? These and many more questions can be answered with our digital banking professional services. Want to have an edge in the market, we have the way to help you achieve it. 


We help our clients find what they really need regarding financial technology. We will assist by developing new in-house technologies, where needed, or suggesting other third party technologies that will suit our clients operational and strategic needs.  Practice the elements and make your customers experience more fascinating by utilizing current and upcoming technology.

Customer Experience

We have the technological tools that will help you find out and understand the needs of your customers regarding customer experience in your application.


We help clients to define, build and implement succesfull strategies.

While most of the other activities are considered tactical or operational, strategy offers the biggest picture of where we stand and where we want to go. Plan ahead, explore and capture the potentials that banking innovation offers.

We support executive teams in their decision making on tasks and targets regarding bank innovation and transformation. 

Strategic Financial Planning

Again, we can help you determine your strategic approach towards the realization of your maximization of value by matching the three key elements of operations, financial planning and shareholders expectations. This would be the backbone of your decision making and the golden rule business units and departments have to follow. 

Banking Strategy

This is an executive series service that offers decision-making and top-tier bank executives, the chance to learn and discuss with our C-suite advisors the latest developments and trends in commercial banking. Such topics include but are not constrained to banking models, operational elements, products and services, shifting customer expectations, technology, and other.


Using senior intelligence and research experts we can offer future views of the business market’s and economy’s status in a region or territory. Our senior advisors would strategically position your institution in a diversified context of different parameters and factors such as politics, business alliances, national cooperations, trading blocks, war, commodities pricing and other.

Digital Strategy

We help clients to assess and take advantage of the rapid changes of the digital banking environment, pinpoint new opportunities, create new businesses and value.


We will show you how to become a role model in the financial services.

Whether you are in traditional or digital banking we have the know-how to guide you through the vast regulatory requirements, and to assist you in building a sound, compliant operational model.

From the US to Europe and Asia we transfer best practices and knowledge to our clients and we help institutions excel to a leading compliant power. Some of our solutions are shown below and relate to subjects such as:


We share the same sensitivity with our clients when it comes to compliance. Thus, we look to equip them with the best techniques and practices around the world and to enhance them with the meaning of compliance and a compliance centric approach across the organization.

Anti Money Laundering

Our key approach focuses on providing those tools that will enable your personnel against the latest Money Laundering developments, that will help them identify areas of vulnerability and that will empower to address issues in the event of occurrence.

Fraud, Detection and Prevention

Acting is better than reacting. We work closely with financial institutions in setting strong barriers for fraud avoidance. At the same time, we will help clients identify camouflaged offences and show them how to design an effective action plan for retrieving assets from offenders.

Common Reporting Standard and Automatic Exchange of Information

We educate, train and assist clients across the globe to incorporate into their annual plans the new directives of financial accounts for individuals and entities. With 2017 being the starting point of the new widespread OECD guideline, we help clients prioritize, analyze and comply with the new regulations.

Corporate Finance

We help clients to use finance as a management tool for greater operational efficiency.

Corporate finance applications can be requested for either internal or external clients. That said you may need to perform own analysis or advise clients on how they could achieve some of their goals with the use of financial tools and other practices. 

Our experienced team can assist you in building a proper corporate finance toolbox for you and for your clients and contribute towards applying and excelling in financial management practices such as:

Cash Flow Management

Whether you would require it for your own operations or as a supportive tool for your corporate clients that eventually will enhance credit profiles and mitigate risks, cash flow management could become a value generator for your organization. We can assist in designing a useful model for your needs.


Our team could assist you in building a powerful and comprehensive internal and interdepartmental tool that could be associated with the planning, the monitoring and the controlling of your internal processes and procedures.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can help you get prepared for taking the role of a sale or purchase advisor of a business deal. M&A’s are quite lucrative in terms of returns and definitely we can provide you with he do’s and dont’s as well as with what you have to be cautious in order to close the deal.

Project Finance

You might be requested to provide project financing, act as an advisor or underwrite a project. We can help you about the current means and trending developments in designing, structuring and financing that are associated to banks, contractors and developers, and other third party related parties.

Risk Management

We design the tools that will safe keep your portfolios.

The balance of risk tolerance and risk mitigation has a very thin line between success and failure. Having the proper experts on the matter allows us to address the issues and design risk-proof structures for commercial or investment banking portfolios. 

We assist financial institutions to understand the risks, design suitable policies and apply counter measures that will allow them to operate in line with their mission statement and stakeholder wills.

Risk Management

Over the past period financial institutions and markets have experienced imbalances in their risk structure, design, monitor and management applications. Significance over the understanding and handling of risk assessment and determination was raised and acknowledgement for better improvements on the processes and tools has been realized.

Operational Risk Management

Operational risk is perhaps the most significant risk organizations face. Virtually every major loss that has been taken place during the past 30 years, from Enron, Worldcom and Baring’s Bank to the unauthorized trading incident at Société Générale and the subprime credit crisis, has been driven by operational failures. Our experts will guide you through the process of avoiding bad instances of operational risk exposure.

Asset Liability Management

ALM has now instituted the use of advanced analytical techniques, quantitative finance tools as well as sophisticated pricing formulas and hedging strategies. Our approach, brings the risk management of both sides of the balance sheet together in a unified framework. Together with the client we analyze financial risks, choose appropriate hedging strategies and monitor their implementation.

Non Performing Loans

Line managers and back office operators need to coordinate in the resolution of problematic loans instances. With our well suited senior associates, we can deploy based on real life cases and experiences, tools and techniques for credit analysis techniques, administration and restructuring of high risk portfolios.

Value at Risk

Over the past years, Value-at-Risk (VAR) has emerged as synonymous to risk management and later on it has linked with capital adequacy. It is key on quantifying and assessing a portfolio’s overall risk profile and integral to any successful risk measurement strategy.

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Personalized learning experiences

We are on the quest of continuously improving our learning experiences towards your professional needs. We aim to develop your skills to meet the continuously changing needs of the industry.

Our global community of experts share their knowledge in banking through the following learning experiences.


Online Counseling

Take control of your learning experience! Create your own meetings with our experts in financial services and develop your personal skills and satisfy your professional needs.

Professional Development | Certified

Earn a professional title in financial services.

Connect with the expert, complete the assignments, and focus on your specific learning needs throughout the class

Strategic Advisory

We believe that the right people and relationships bring the best results

Staying away from the “one size fits all” advisory experience, we bring together the most senior professionals suitable to address the specific needs

Professional Development | Workshops

Our classes target the needs of our clients

We believe that continued learning and practice lead to professional and organizational success.

Digital Transformation

Transforming traditional banking

We have a dedicated team of consultants, developers and UI/UX designers ready to successfully guide and implement a digital transformation. Following the core values, strategy, nature, mission and goals of our clients, we analyze processes spanning across customer’s experience, products and services, and work with our client to determine where a change is needed. At the same time we help our clients to bridge the gap between their legacy systems and the digital changes.

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