Cybersecurity and the World of Tomorrow

March 1, 2019 | Gregory Silberman - Chief Investment Officer, Atlanta Capital Group
Once upon a time in 1948, a country was born. The birth of this country wasn’t an easy one and is still fraught with challenges from her neighbors. This country is Israel. However, given her relatively short history, this country has proved to be a tough cookie to crack. As then, Prime Minister Netanyahu pledged in 2010, today the country is one of the top 5 leaders in cybersecurity. The country has made heavy investments and developed world class cyber-security technologies that almost anyone with deep pockets are interested in.

Cryptocurrency tech needs a proper ecosystem to realize its true potential

October 17, 2018 | Jouko Ahvenainen - Serial-entrepreneur and co-founder, Grow VC Group
Blockchain, ICOs and digital securities (e.g. cryptocurrencies) have become the new kids on the finance block – and of course opinion is divided. Some believe they will take over the entire finance industry in a few years and make all traditional finance instruments and institutions obsolete. Others see ICOs and cryptocurrencies as the biggest bubble and/or scam of our time – in the US, there are now plaintiff lawyers that only focus on ICO lawsuits.