This project had to do with the development of a transparent, efficient and sustainable lending business for a microfinance institution.

The approach included a detailed and technical assessment of the current status of the organization with the use of GAP models against the targeted outcome (model). A design of milestones and deliverables was also included, from a project planning perspective.

  • In addition to the general project context, we worked on the credit policies and procedures on the predefined framework of strategy, risk appetite and capital adequacy of the financial institution.
  • At the same time, a review on the organizational arrangements had to be followed, associated to the institution’s product review as well, with an outcome the optimization of the lending processes. 
  • Upon the conclusion of the technical aspects,  and throughout the assignment our expert coordinated with the marketing department for an SME lending marketing plan.Concluding the project, we assisted in defining the bank’s implementation plan and skill gaps, the hiring of suitable personnel for the SME unit followed by support on the L&D needs