We were commissioned by a banking group to build a class that will increase understanding for topics related to current compliance requirements.

The class was requested for the 23 regional compliance and anti money laundering heads and their deputies  (delegates coming from Southeastern European markets including Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania as well as the UK and Egypt). The goal was to contribute towards a common ground and standardize the bank’s compliance and anti money laundering operations.

The program that was delivered in Athens, as a meeting point, incorporate aspects and views that dealt with a general overview of the domestic and transnational nature of crime, financial crime and the destabilization it is having on localities, nations and their people.

More technically we started by defining “Money Laundering” and discussed the three stages of Placement, Layering, and Integration covering aspects and exposing the attendees to practical cases that had to do with the:

  • Discussion of examples from course attendees
  • the world of transactional criminal organizations and what they want from you!
  • conditions required for Money laundering to occur and how to combat it
  • general discussion of 200+ predicate crimes to money laundering
  • ability to move funds undetected and some of the ways this is likely to occur