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Certified Compliance Specialist

This course will give you the benefit of following the latest trends and developments from the regulatory perspective.


Price: €1500



Self study and virtual classes


Approx. 60 hours to complete





Introduction to the class

In the era of rapid market change, banks and other financial institutions are not judged only by their quantitative metrics (performance indicators, returns, risk measures, etc). Nowadays, the importance of the qualitative elements in a modern banking operation is perhaps of an equal or of a higher weight. The readiness and adaptability status for the growing regulatory guidelines and directives, on both local and international levels, are elements that build or destroy the fame and reputation of an institution. These elements guarantee the protection of the bank and its stakeholders from money laundering, fraud, corruption, and other shady practices, cultivating a spirit of efficiency and responsibility for the design and selection of processes and resources. These are the drivers for a successful and reputable operation. This course will give you the benefit of following the latest trends and developments from the regulatory perspective, equip you with best practices knowledge from the international arena, and assist you in developing the skills to understand and mainly to implement a proper compliance plan for your organization.

This course includes:

  • 10 hour of virtual meetings with the instructor

  • 50 hours of self study including articles and video presentations

  • Full lifetime access to learning material

  • Certificate of achievement

How it works?

Virtual classes take place on Hapeiron, an Interfima e-learning platform.

  1. Enroll to the class from this page

  2. After enrollment you'll receive a registration link to access the platform 

  3. Complete all live classes and learning material

  4. Take the examination online

  5. Pass the exam and get your certification

Do you want this class in-house?

We can deliver this class in-house for your organization's employees.

About this Professional Certificate 

Pass the exam at the end of the course and earn a market focused certification. The designation is featured on FINRA's website. Interfima is a MENJE accredited vocational organization in Luxembourg.

Skill you will gain


  • Three years experience in the financial services industry either/or an undergraduate or graduate degree in Finance, Economics, Business or Law from an accredited university, college or school

  • Continuous Education: 3 hours of related financial training every year



  • Passing Grade 70%

  • Multiple choice questions and / or essay type questions

  • One (1) hour duration


Due diligence

Organizational behavior


Anti-money laundering

What you will learn

About Compliance

What is compliance and how we utilize it within financial organizations. Some words on the background and the historical evolution of compliance initiatives.

  • Compliance Programs

  • Why do we Need Compliance?

Corporate Governance Perspectives and the Regulatory Framework

Effects of forced applications from official regulatory guidelines and obligations. How corporations and financial institutions adapt towards those.

  • Meaning

  • Myths and Misconceptions

  • Corporate Governance Perspectives

  • Regulatory Framework for Corporate Governance

Developing a Corporate Compliance Program

Steps and actions for the creation of an efficient, yet flexible compliance program. What to focus on, and what to avoid.

  • Tools

  • The Four pillars

International Regulatory Drivers and Controls

Explore international stakeholders of the compliance arena, and how their initiatives affect global best practices

Financial Mathematics

  • Market Forces

  • EU Regulation and Practice

  • USA Regulation and Practice

Ethics, Compliance and Governance Perspectives

Internal compliance compass is as important as supervising authorities’ demands. How can you develop such an organization wide roadmap?

  • Ethics

  • Compliance

  • Governance

Codes and Corporate Compliance Systems

Regional and International applications around successful compliance systems. Benefits organizations enjoy both monetary and non monetary values.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering Insights; global trends and facts about growing Money Laundering cases around the globe.

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