A major international health TPI (third party insurance) provider focusing on both the technical and operational aspects of the health and life insurance activity has requested this class.

Our experts brought their significant health insurance expertise into the program, presenting business models that address and simultaneously affect the insurer’s external and internal systems. 

Those business models were the valuable and highly practical output of this course. They helped participants understand the interrelated and integrated nature of modern healthcare ecosystems where internal processes of pricing an designing a product reflect or coexist with national healthcare systems and are serviced by healthcare providers such as hospitals and diagnostic centers.

In this program, our experts took the delegates into a journey around the status of healthcare and the future of it. Together they explored the nature of modern insurance health and life policies, and the hints behind addressing critical illnesses or diseases, by applying the proper measures for risk aversion and right price calculation.

Last but not least, on a less technical dimension, we analyzed the relationships with health providers, the agreements and the qualitative controls of the mechanisms applied.