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Corporate Governance

Price: €250




Self study


Approx. 6 hours to complete


5 CPD hours


Certificate of attendance

Introduction to the class

The soundness of a company financial data is a necessary condition for its orderly operation. However financial robustness can be overturned instantly, overnight, if not framed by reliable corporate governance systems. Corporate governance is a mechanism of principles and practices based on which a company is organized, operated and managed, in order to protect and satisfy the legitimate interests of its stakeholders. The problems of corporate governance that have appeared at the international level have forced many institutions to issue corporate governance guidelines, which have transformed into codes of ethics. The implementation of codes of conduct depends on the corporate culture and business ethics that govern a company. The tone is given at the top. All of its executives are faced with issues that involve moral dilemmas. The effective framework of corporate governance is the necessary condition for making rational (ethical) decisions. The seminar focuses on the three pillars of corporate governance, namely the Board of Directors, the Internal Control System and the business ethics and culture.

Who should attend?

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • General Directors

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Operating Officers

  • Business Managers

  • In general company executives

This course includes:

  • 6 hours of self study including articles and presentations

  • Full lifetime access to learning material

  • Certificate of attendance

How it works?

Workshops take place on Hapeiron, an Interfima e-learning platform.

  1. Enroll to the class from this page

  2. After enrollment you'll receive a registration link to access the platform 

  3. Complete all learning material

  4. Get your certificate of attendance + CPDs

Do you want this class in-house?

We can deliver this class in-house for your organization's employees.

CPD Recognition

The syllabus of this workshop is eligible for 5 CPD hours in Compliance.
Criteria and CPD hours are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold certification or membership.

What you will learn


  • Corporate governance framework

  • Theoretical underpinnings

  • Regulation

  • The role of the Board of Directors

    • Structure, composition, committees

    • Eligibility policy

    • Remuneration policy

  • Internal Control System

    • The three lines of defence model

    • Risk management function

    • Compliance function

    • Internal audit function

  • Business ethics and culture

    • Moral reasoning

    • Business ethics

    • Corporate culture

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

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