Client: International Organization, African and Latin American Banks

The Need

Throughout the years we’ve approached or requested to deliver services of high specialty and technical competence. 

The need can be described as a request for technical support and further development of quantitative skills and analytical assessment for banking institutions within two developing markets and the creation of an appropriate evaluation framework for SME financing. 


Our dedicated team analyzed the needs, based on local elements and global market standards and designed the tools required for the application of sophisticated screening by local banks.

In essence, the assessment process of the respective framework had to deal and take into consideration both the qualitative and the quantitative pillars towards the SME projects that were to be submitted for financing.

Prior though to exercising this practical tools and applying the manuals, our team had to educate to some extent executives with the literacy behind the solutions and how these tools could come into effect projecting both on the SME’s wellbeing but also on the institution’s stress test.

We guided banking reps reach on enhanced skills and at the same time we build the basis for further development of competencies on their tasks.


The result of this project was to promote efficiency sustainable investment, boost entrepreneurship and create better economic and social conditions for these two markets.