Client: Non Life Insurance (P&C Insurance)

The Need

A dominant market insurer in a developed market was eager as part of its revamp plan to relaunch its insurance manual(s).

The need that emerged was to develop an updated insurance manual, dealing with the processes of underwriting, the claims management and the exceptions included for all of the non life (property and casualty) policies.


The solution that our expert provided was to fully develop a new non life policies manual for the organization. The development of the manual came into three stages.

  1. In phase one we had the analysis of the current services and policies of the insurer, the organization’s risk appetite, the set of operational goals and targets, the legal and compliance frameworks. 
  2. Then, we dealt with the design of the comprehensive guidelines for each insurance line and portfolio simulations on the updated terms and conditions/policies,  followed by the compilation of all these guidelines into one solid manual. 
  3. Finally, the last stage included the adaptation of the new rules and the transition of all processes under the new guidelines.

It was an excellent work the insurer applied that shortly after its introduction the manual become a market standard and a benchmark for all insurers in the market.