Banking Relationship Managers were invited to attend this roundtable and offered the experience of entering one to one strategic guidance on how to enhance customer service levels in their bank.

This engaging counseling that took place in the Gulf region, included Heads of Private and Retail Banking for major banks. 

The service offering suggested a full day of personal meetings with the banking representatives followed by an open channel communication option that worked two ways with the representatives that attended.

What we included on that day for the leaders to understand and make part of their future plans, was a thorough elaboration on recent and upcoming trends, an analysis that came through our own research and severe personal contribution deriving from our expertise on the subject.

Simultaneously, we presented the competitive advantages of best practices adopted in different regions and different segments, while we elaborated deeply on the debate between quality of service and quality of product giving our personal standpoint.

We firmly believe from reactions, and communication that many of the points presented were taken into consideration on the departments future plans.