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Integrated Reporting

Price: €350




Self study


Approx. 12 hours to complete


9 CPD hours


Certificate of attendance

Introduction to the class

Integrated Reporting is a new reporting model to provide concise communications of how they create value over time. This course explains its history, analyzes its principles and techniques and provides examples of application of such a framework. Finally, it explains how it differs and what the interactions with other reporting frameworks are. These elements guarantee the protection of the bank and its stakeholders from money laundering, fraud, corruption, and other shady practices, cultivating a spirit of efficiency and responsibility for the design and selection of processes and resources. These are the drivers for a successful and reputable operation. This course will give you the benefit of following the latest trends and developments from the regulatory perspective, equip you with best practices knowledge from the international arena, and assist you in developing the skills to understand and mainly to implement a proper compliance plan for your organization.

Who should attend?

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • General Directors

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Operating Officers

  • Business Managers

  • Auditors

  • Members of Audit Committees

  • Internal and external accountants

  • Risk Officers and Managers

  • Staff with decision and supervision roles and responsibilities in operational departments

This course includes:

  • 12 hours of self study including articles and presentations

  • Full lifetime access to learning material

  • Certificate of attendance

How it works?

Workshops take place on Hapeiron, an Interfima e-learning platform.

  1. Enroll to the class from this page

  2. After enrollment you'll receive a registration link to access the platform 

  3. Complete all learning material

  4. Get your certificate of attendance + CPDs

Do you want this class in-house?

We can deliver this class in-house for your organization's employees.

CPD Recognition

The syllabus of this workshop is eligible for 9 CPD hours in Finance.
Criteria and CPD hours are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold certification or membership.

What you will learn

Background of Integrated Reporting

  • Definition of Integrated Reporting

  • Rationales for Integrated Reporting

  • History of Integrated Reporting

  • The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

  • Structure of the IIRC

  • The IIRC Pilot Program

  • King Report on Corporate Governance

  • Integrated Reporting Key Dates

  • The IIRC’s Next Steps and Critical Path

Integrated Reporting Framework

  • The International Integrated Reporting Framework

    • The fundamental Concepts

      • Business Model

      • Capitals

      • Value Creation

    • a Guiding Principles

      • Strategic focus and future orientation

      • Connectivity of information

      • Stakeholder responsiveness

      • Materiality and conciseness

      • Reliability and completeness

      • Consistency and comparability

    • Content Elements

      • Organizational overview and external environment

      • Governance

      • Opportunities and risks

      • Strategy and resource allocation

      • Business model

      • Performance

      • Future outlook

    • Preparation and Presentation

      • Frequency of reporting

      • The materiality determination process

      • Disclosure of material matters

      • Involvement of those charged with governance

      • Credibility

      • Time frames for short, medium and long term

      • Reporting boundary

      • Aggregation and disaggregation

      • Use of technology

  • Examples of Integrated Reporting

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