Ken Varga
Customer Acquisition


Ken Varga, a business owner, consultant, lecturer, author, and a highly-acclaimed speaker is a very successful business person who has made wealth and business and personal success happen in his life.

Over the years, Ken has ventured into 35 businesses either as owner, co-owner, investor and/or consultant in diverse and exciting fields. He has started and developed a multilevel marketing firm, a national basketball franchise league, a national job search company, was the director of his own band.

What is even more remarkable is that he has never had a business failure. He has never had a major business setback. He has never had to turn around and redo everything because he started out wrong.

After creating over 6 million Customers, so many people were clamoring after the success secrets that he finally decided to write a book, How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More.

Other manuals include: How to Capture the Mind of Your Customers and Get Them to Say, “Yes!” and How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More on the Internet! Over 300 information products have resulted. He now speaks at seminars and presents his Marketing Tips of the Week by email in which multitudes of people prosper each week from his words of advice.

“Loving work is one thing. Loving life, family, neighbors, friends, your community, country, and the world is yet another thing. You have to feel yourself a part of something greater than your world of work and the success it affords you.

”To be completely successful you need to make a real contribution to society”, Ken states.

Ken and Barbara, his wife of 51 years, have raised and educated their four successful children and are now enjoying their seven young grandchildren.


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