Marcos Figueroa


Marcos Figueroa has worked in the financial industry as a Compliance and Global Transaction Banking professional for over 25 years. Throughout his ongoing career, he has been awarded international-enabled managerial roles in Operation and Compliance. Being a part and leading resolution teams for internal and regulatory audits, Marcos has worked for Japanese, German, French, Latin American and US banking institutions. In particular some of the organizations Marcos worked include strong names like the ones of Standard Chartered, JP Morgan Chase and that of Societe Generale where he practiced management of  OFAC transactions, payment surveillance, account monitoring, legal subpoenas, maritime attachments and high-risk accounts within the Montran and GIFTS payment systems in an operations and compliance environment.

Mr. Figueroa specializes in funds transfers and has a Strong OFAC/KYC/AML regulatory compliance background and back office operations experience. He is bilingual fluent in English and Spanish.


Regulatory compliance, Back office operations, Global Transactions, AML, KYC, Regulatory audits, OFAC transactions, Account monitoring