Consumer Goods Multinational was seeking assistance in quantifying its operations.

Furthermore, as it was part of the enhanced audit policy they wanted to present how their actions contribute (or not) to a healthier economic status.

The request was a basic understanding of financial statements including amongst others, the balance sheet, the income statement and the statement of cash flows.

However, after personal interviews with the interested executives, we realized and proposed to the management that the solution had to include a more methodic and rounded approach bringing together the three instances of the company and in relation to the targeted goals. 

It had to be more strategic than tactical.

And this is how it was delivered. The team compiled a dedicated solution, and analyzed operational elements with the client incorporating into a Tri-relationship between strategy, activities (cash flow) and value. 

We designed and built a manual where every action of the strategic plan corresponded to financial figures and ultimately to shareholders value. 

On top of that, we spent time with the directors of the relative departments into shaping their mentality in doing things by understanding the new elements and by shifting their minds to lean and waste free operations.

The solution included tools related to financial statements analysis, KPI’s and ratios both on the operational and financial sides.