Client: Health Insurance Provider

The Need

The client needed to improve customer experience throughout the process that the customer follows to find a center and/or a doctor till the moment he/she books an appointment and enters the medical center. At the same moment, the client wanted to offer an informational/navigational tool to its insurance advisors for the network of doctors/medical centers.

We identified that the legacy system that was used as a tool to search and find the network of centres and doctors was lacking design, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and technology. The need for change was necessary.


Interfima collaborated with the client to design an advanced digital tool that would extend the brand, enhance customer experience and satisfy the client.


Interfima designed and deployed a solution by adding new features, including a mobile friendly characteristic, that helps users to achieve their goals efficiently.

  • Raw Data architecture and validation: We processed historical data (locations, doctors, medical services), which were cleaned from duplications and wrong inputs and gathered it at one source
  • Redesign the customer journey to improve the process of locating the network of doctors and medical centers
  • Clear results that combine navigational/informational data
  • We added a new tool that helps the users to locate which centers offer the medical services of their choice
  • Use geolocation technology to find the nearest centers from your location and your preferred km range

The results are designed to help users accomplish their goals efficiently at anytime and anyplace. The user can view the following information:

  • Medical Services offered at any center
  • Nearest Centers and Doctors
  • Important information, like address, phones etc
  • Enhanced Google Maps navigation to the centers and doctors


We developed a tool  that offers simplicity, instant results, and 24-hour access to the end user, creating a new level of customer experience which is a key source of competitive advantage in the insurance and healthcare market. Outcomes have exceeded expectations (based on evaluation forms filled by the client):

  • Users say that the transformation has positively affected the brand
  • Important informations are now clear and easy to find
  • Insurers say that the platform has become an important tool that helps them improve customer experience
  • User experience has improved significantly
  • Mobile friendly tool